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If you’re moving to Kissimmee and are looking for a good fitness studio to start the new chapter of your journey, you have to read this article.

Let me share My Top 5 Fitness Studios in Kissimmee. 

Training regularly for me is crucial, and having a studio nearby is a must to minimize travel time.

I started my new fitness journey at Orange Theory (They are great, by the way). But I wanted a change, so I started researching for a new fitness studio in Kissimmee.

So here are my top choices. And I want you to know that these choices I’ve gathered are the more costly options. Towards the end, I will give you a list of budget-friendly studio options in Kissimmee. 

Sidenote, the studios are not in order of preference.

Okay, so here they are. 

The first one is Orange Theory Hunter’s Creek.

Orange Theory is a fantastic studio if you’re just starting up and want to burn many calories. They keep you motivated with different challenges, Benchmarks, and events. I was a member for two years, and I have nothing to say but great things about Orange Theory and its staff. Orange Theory Hunters Creek offers smaller, early morning and evening classes. 

You start on the treadmill or the weight floor, work out for almost half an hour on each side, and then stretch for 5 minutes. So it’s a pretty awesome workout.

The next one on my list is HIIT FIT Kissimmee, where I’m currently a member.

Let me start by saying the culture in this studio is evident; you are there to become the best version of yourself. 

 This is a family-owned studio, so you take classes with the owners, Thayer or Marisa Flores. They are good people, knowledgable and caring.

Before choosing a studio, I had one condition, the trainer needed to be someone I admire (in other words, built/shredded). Obviously, the new studio required additional attributes, like workout quality, trainer knowledge, and experience.

I think that the owner does an outstanding job. He emphasizes how important it is to warm up before you work out. He reminds everyone about wearing proper shoes to work out and about nutrition and supplementation. The templates are dynamic and keep you guessing, not you guessing but the muscle guessing. And I really, really like that. I’ve been with them for the past month, and I have no clue what we will be working on the next day. There’s a structure; the workout targets a different muscle group every day. It’s nice because this format encourages you to attend class at least five days a week. And you get a really fantastic workout. I’m always walking out of class spent, but I like it because it means progress.

 I can go on and on about Hiit Fit Kissimmee. 

But I need to go to the next option, MUV in Kissimmee, off John Young Parkway, a pretty cool gym. A has morning classes at 5am and evening classes at 5pm. Well structured and clean. They know what they’re doing. Neat setup has different types of classes. You can also take a group class or an individual private training session with one of the coaches. So pretty awesome. If I weren’t going to Hiit Fit Kissimmee, I would look into MUV and become a member.

Another great choice is Body Sculpting. They offer nutrition classes and intense training classes. They have very high reviews, and their classes are well structured. I like their concept. I have not taken classes with them, but it is an excellent gym option if you move to Kissimmee, based on others’ feedback.

Then the next option will be my last option, the furthest from me.

JBO fitness in Kissimmee

This is a family-owned business, and the owner is very involved, which I like. He is a man of faith, and the studio reminds me of Orange Theory. JBO has that everyone welcome vibe. They have great reviews, and you can tell this is a community. JBO Fitness offers morning classes, very early morning classes. 

As I promised initially, here are more budget-friendly fitness studios like Esporta, Planet Fitness, Crunch, and Anytime Fitness. These studios have options for you to get personalized one-on-one coaching, but it may cost extra. 

These options will get you a great head start if you don’t know anything about the Kissimmee area. 

So there you have it, my top 5 fitness Studios in Kissimmee.

Okay, so that’s all I have for you today. If you liked this article, feel free to give it a like or send me a comment.

If you want to know more about Kissimmee or looking for a home for sale, please check out my website, where you’ll find properties for sale in Kissimmee and more. I am a real estate professional in Kissimmee, and I work in the Central Florida area, and if you want to learn more about Kissimmee before you move, reach out. 

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